Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Adventure to Florida

Good day everyone, just wanted to say that I have moved to Florida to start school, but that doesn't mean the epicness has gone away. No sir quite the opposite. I have taken pictures and videos of my life in the Sunshine state and I would like to share them with you. Starting with when I left my fellow Vegas family to travel the freaking long ass walk to the tram that starts to move right as it announces that the doors are closing and you don't have time to grab on the pole to steady yourself cuz it goes at LEAST 35mph cuz when it stops, you lurch forward....

The Plane to Atl
There is never a non-stop flight across the country because of fuel.
Sucker Punch Soundtrack and the fracking PLANE!
Yea, that  was pretty epic. Plus you could view the planes course on the same screen, but did I take a picture of that? Nope Sucker Punch was way better....Kiddy likes girls lol!
Plane to Tampa
I really hate airports...I get off the plane and I'm thinking I dont have far to walk to catch my second plane. Lo and behold the numbers started up high and my flight was number A2 and I got off at E-something or rather. the air felt heavy because I'm not use to the humidity. Airport you suck.

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